Rwenzori Bowls 18-20"

$ 96.00 $ 142.00

Handwoven Uganda Rwenzori African Baskets - 18-20" Bowls

These beautiful handwoven Rwenzori baskets are from Southern Uganda. The Rwenzori mountains in the weaver's area seem a bit out of place in Africa with their snow and glacier covered peaks of close to 17,000 feet. These baskets and bowls are traditionally used for serving food, and are woven from discarded Millet stalks, naturally dyed raffia and sometimes local grasses. The natural portions are dried millet leaves. The vibrant natural dyes used on the raffia for these tightly woven baskets come from flowers, roots, leaves and lichens grown by the weavers themselves.

All Daraja Imports products are Fair Trade and handcrafted in Eastern and Southern Africa from local, sustainable and/or recycled material.


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