Welcome to Daraja Imports - Fair Trade Gifts

After living in Tanzania for eight years working with the rural poor, we have seen the difficulties many artisans have with finding an adequate market for their amazing handmade products. For these people to get out of poverty they must make a profit, and we believe that through partnering with these industrious African entrepreneurs we can help them achieve this goal. This is why Daraja Imports was created. We are imports with a purpose!
All our handcrafted products are made by different groups of enterprising men and rural women, many of whom are widows, a group of physically disabled Tanzanian people, and young adults orphaned by genocide. All products are handcrafted from local, sustainable and/or recycled material.
Every man and woman has hopes and dreams, and together we are helping the poor realize theirs!
Every gift has a story, and every purchase makes a difference in the lives of our African Artisans and their families.
Thank you for supporting Fair Trade products and gifts!


Now offering International shipping!