About Us


"Every Piece Has A Story" 

Thank you for visiting Daraja Imports™ online store. We hope you enjoy shopping our handcrafted pieces .  Each is created individually by local artisans in East and South Africa.  

These talented and quite brave men and women, who have created each unique piece , rise up and band together in their communities.  They learn, train and create a new edge to their beautiful and deep cultural art forms.  Working together they form small businesses and co-ops as they handcraft their pieces.

We share a vision of economic and environmental sustainability in remote villages of East and South Africa by representing and offering their elite, handcrafted art, fashion jewelry and apparel pieces.  Through this developing partnership we all make a difference.

We have a passion to build this bridge and close this economical gap.  To help these very talented and highly skilled artisans is the purpose of our business. We are engaging in Fair Trade business partnerships with artisans to provide them a fair market in the USA.  Daraja Imports™ is all about it, we want to make it easy for you to make a difference.  It’s in our very name, Daraja means “bridge” in Swahili and we are bridging the economic gap from their hands to yours.

All of our pieces at Daraja Imports™ are handcrafted and reflect the highest level of skill and premium craftsmanship.  Our partnering elite artists are talented, conscientious and conduct business in sustainable product development.

We simply state:

“Daraja Imports is a Fair Trade company in the USA. Our mission is to build an economic bridge to sustainability between the impoverished yet talented and highly skilled artisans in East and South Africa and the USA. We strive to achieve this through partnering with local artisan groups and organizations. Together we discover the difference we make empowers these rural men and women, as we represent this fusion of traditional art forms and creative contemporary high quality designs.  Many people have hopes and dreams, and together through Fair Trade business relationships we are helping the impoverished realize theirs.”

Discover how easy it is to have the confidence that you make a difference when you purchase from Daraja Imports™. 

Join Us on the bridge.