Handcrafted Men's Black Leather Recycled Tire Sandals

$ 33.00 $ 48.00

These handmade black leather sandals are made in Tanzania by a group of enterprising, rural women, many of whom are widows. They are handcrafted from fine leather, recycled tires and either a white or black trade bead. High quality leather is used for the inner sole, and recycled tire tread is used for the sole.  Good for another 20,000 miles! All Daraja Imports products are Fair Trade and handcrafted in Eastern and Southern Africa from local, sustainable and/or recycled material.

Your purchase of these cool flip flops guarantees you an awesome pair of footwear, and a chance to help recycle and change the lives of these underprivileged women and their families!

prepping tire tread for sandals circle of recycled tire sandals recycled mens sandals

Sizes currently available are 8-12. If you wear a half size, order a size up.

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