Handwoven African Baskets

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Handwoven Fair Trade African Baskets

Enjoy the creation and beauty of our handmade Zulu Wire baskets from South Africa, Uganda Bukedo baskets, Rwenzori bowls from Uganda and market baskets from Ghana. All of our baskets are Fair Trade and handwoven by local artisans in Africa. 

South African telephone wire baskets and plates! These are incredible, intricately designed baskets, some using accents of bare copper wire. 

Bukedo is the local term in Uganda for banana leaf stalks. Along with raffia that comes from palm trees, these materials are renewable, plentiful resources. 

Rwenzori bowls are traditionally used for serving food, and are woven from discarded Millet stalks, naturally dyed raffia and sometimes local grasses. 

All Daraja Imports products are Fair Trade and handcrafted in Eastern and Southern Africa from local, sustainable and/or recycled material.

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