Celebrating Fair Trade

daraja imports fair trade baskets from rwenzori africaYou believe that Fair Trade is a great way to improve the lives of farmers and artisans. You want to support them on their journey to become better stewards of the land and their communities. You care about supporting the brands that are sourcing ethically and transparently.

Can you make a commitment to purchase at least one Fair Trade Certified product every time you shop?

Daraja Imports makes it easy to trade fairly while shopping online.  Discover how easy it is to have the confidence that you make a difference when you purchase from Daraja Imports™.  Because every piece does have a story.  All of our pieces at Daraja Imports are handcrafted and reflect the highest level of skill and premium craftsmanship.  Our partnering elite artists are talented, conscientious and conduct business in sustainable product development.

Another approach is to make one swap in your everyday routine.

In 2011, Fair Trade USA and partner brands garnered support for Fair Trade with the help of several celebrity ambassadors.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon kicked off Fair Trade Month by hosting ice cream makers Ben & Jerry on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Introducing the ice cream flavor, which is made with Fair Trade Certified vanilla and cocoa, gave Ben and Jerry the opportunity to discuss Fair Trade and the company’s goal to use entirely Fair Trade Certified ingredients by 2013.

...and the list goes on ...
straight to your community.

Support Fair Trade business and spread the love.