October is Fair Trade Month

daraja imports fair trade handcrafted jewelry from africa

October is Fair Trade Month in the United States. 

This yearly celebration focuses on increasing

awareness and building support for Fair Trade in the United States. Throughout the month, manufacturers, retailers, students, NGO organizations and Fair Trade Towns hold events and promotions in support of Fair Trade.

Having trouble finding Fair Trade products where you shop? Sometimes all you have to do is ask! Requesting more Fair Trade products is as easy as filling out a comment card or speaking directly with the manager. Explain that you want to make every purchase matter by buying Fair Trade. 

Fair Trade is a market-based approach to fighting poverty.  That means that it only works when you actually buy the stuff.  So make sure you’re holding up your end of the bargain during October!

Take the time to teach a friend or family member about the importance of Fair Trade. Help them to understand why Every Purchase Matters and why farmers in the developing world need our support.

DarajaImports™ and our business partners share a vision of economic and environmental sustainabilityin remote villages of East and South Africa by representing and offering their elite, handcrafted art, fashion and apparel pieces.  Through this developing partnership we all make a difference.

Discover how easy it is to have the confidence that you make a difference when you purchase from Daraja Imports™.  Because every piece does have a story.