About Daraja Imports

Daraja Imports

Daraja meaning "Bridge" in Swahili, is a registered Fair Trade company in the USA and we are building an economic bridge between rural East and Southern Africans and the USA. 
It's not a new idea.  It's a great idea - trading fairly.  As individuals we most likely do not practice that enough.  Enjoying and supporting companies who practice fair trade has become easier as more companies see the all around value.  Consumers can find almost anything they are shopping for with a fair trade company.  
daraja imports artisans of handcrafted fair trade items from Africa

Our mission is to build that bridge to sustainability for the impoverished yet talented and skilled artisans. We have achieved this through partnering with local artisan groups and organizations throughout Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland and South Africa. We are empowering these rural men and women and making a difference in the lives of so many through unique handcrafts that represent a fusion of traditional art form and creative contemporary high quality designs. 
We offer handcrafted items that reflect the highest level of skill and craftsmanship. We partner with many talented African artisans who are conscientious and conduct business in sustainable product development. All products are made by different groups of enterprising, rural men and women, many of whom are widows, a group of physically disabled Tanzanian people, young adults orphaned by genocide and HIV/AIDS, and women who have been affected by HIV/AIDS either personally or within their family. All products are Fair Trade and handcrafted from local, sustainable and/or recycled material. 
Using Fair Trade relationships, Daraja Imports is much more than just a trading partner. We strive to build a personal, mutual, and extensive relationship with the product creators in keeping all of the values of Daraja Imports at the forefront. When you purchase from Daraja Imports you know you have made a difference. As a Fair Trade business we make it easy for every consumer to make a difference in the lives and communities in East and Southern Africa. Many people have hopes and dreams, and together through Fair Trade business relationships we are helping the impoverished realize theirs. Every piece has a story and every purchase makes a difference.