Daraja Imports™ Builds the Bridge with Fair Trade

Daraja Imports™ spreads the meaning behind Fair Trade.

Basketry in Ghana Fair Trade
Fair Trade Artisan/Partner in Ghana

Fair trade is a growing movement to help low-income artisans in developing countries move towards economic self-sufficiency. It promotes sustainability on all levels and creates opportunities to alleviate poverty.

Artisans receive fair wages, education, financial and technical assistance, and have safe working conditions. Fair Trade organizations pre-pay for their products upfront, and work closely with the artisans on design and quality.

Handwoven in Ghana, these beautiful baskets are a great basket for a recycling bin or waste basket, storing magazines, kids toys or fruits and vegetables. 

artisan swazi sisal jewelry south africa
Swazi Sisal Jewelry in South Africa

This fair trade handwoven jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by women in the mountains of Northern Swaziland. Only a select few weavers have the skill and talent to create this intricately woven miniature disk jewelry.  Woven from the sisal plant (in the Agave family), each fiber is harvested, dried, hand dyed, dried again, then rolled against the weaver's leg until the perfect thread is drawn out. It is then coil woven using a needle to create some of the finest weaving anywhere.

Shopping Fair Trade is a breath of fresh air.

Fair trade is about respectful relationships and is having a positive impact on the lives of thousands of artisans. It is starting to make the world a better place. It is also a long-awaited alternative to traditional trade and a way to affect real social change!