Zulugrass Jewelry Helps Build a Bridge

Zulugrass helps cross the economic bridge.

single strand zulugrass necklace
Single Strang Necklace
Made in the bush of Kenya, Zulugrass jewelry was created to provide work opportunities for their Maasai neighbors. 

Long grasses are harvested one blade at a time, dried, cut to size, then dyed lovely hues.   See Multi Strand selections here.

This cultural  tradition of highly skilled beadwork dates back generations, Maasai women string the grass beads together with brilliant Czech crystals, creating attractive jewelry.  

An art form that now provides a much needed income and opportunity to themselves, their families, and their community.

colors for single strand zulugrass jewelry
Colors in the Classic Collection
Daraja Imports™ continues to strengthen their partnerships in East and South Africa to further bridge the economic gap and empower the poor to a sustainable level of living.

kenya zulugrass harvesting
Long Grasses are harvested one at a time.