Eco-Friendly Artisan Jewelry from Zambia

Known as our Earth and Water Collection. 

Wild Teak Freshwater Pearls NecklaceOur Zambia Jewelry consists of handmade pieces crafted by Zambian artisans in the South Luangwa using organic materials originating from the African Bush.

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Made from freshwater pearls, abalone shell, driftwood beads, vegetable ivory seed and/or semi-precious stones.  These designs are elegant, edgy and contemporary.  We are excited to offer this collection.

Earrings Zambia Earth and Water
Eco friendly jewelry means that each of the pieces we share with our shoppers is crafted by hand from green, natural, recycled and repurposed materials.

The other materials used are sustainably and ethically sourced. Feathers and driftwood wild teak are collected for jewelry use as is vegetable ivory (tagua) from local palm nuts. The abalone shell, antique silver beads, charms.

Zambia is also home to a thriving Asian community, predominantly of Indian and Chinese origin, numbering around 100,000, as well as a number of European expatriates, some of whom were invited to settle in Zambia by the local government having been cast off their farms in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

All this makes Zambia home to a vibrant mix of cultures, traditions and peoples, and Zambia is also widely-considered to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming nations in the world.

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