Jewelry that Makes a Difference

Ethical fashion collections that help you make a difference.   

These collections by Daraja Imports offer their value as unique designer pieces that are edgy, striking and  a pure joy to wear. 

Your Fair Trade purchase begins a new ripple of kindness as it touches the families of the artisans that created each piece.  You are a part of something special.  You make a difference.

Every piece has a story  ….  Feed your global mind! 

 Safari Chic Collection

From Tanzania this group of disabled citizens make each piece by hand. Their Recycled Glass & Aluminum Jewelry pieces are made from recycled glass and/or aluminum, local and raw materials. This initiative employs disabled Tanzanians and provides a safe and supportive environment and long term employment for them to thrive, while also protecting the environment.   Click to view current selections.

Bush Bead Collection

In a small, very remote, bush village in southern Kenya, these Maasai women make these beads individually as Maasai seed beads, glass and/or wood beads, turquoise, bone and other assorted beads. These women are able to sustain their families from this income.  Click to view current selections.

This marginalized Acholi population (mainly women, youth and orphans) in Uganda work to sustain this community.  This purchase helps this community recreate itself through constructive community planning ideas and economic stimulation through this income.  Click to view current selections.

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Fair Trade is a challenging  commitment you make as a business.  There are many obstacles in the process.  By choosing to be a consumer of Fair Trade business you are supporting a strong, vibrant and important  international business practice.  You are making a difference in the world.  Ream more about challenges in certification.